I Might Just Have to Break Your Heart Of It All

Ask a professor in Biomedical field how hard it is to get one research project funded by NIH R01. Dr. Piero Anversa has led 110 of them. Dr. Anversa, a huge figure in cardiac stem cell research, found his pathway to over millions funding by the discovery of c-kit cells-adult stem cells that can regenerate... Continue Reading →


Artivism Continues.

In my last blog, I wrote about Fujii, a far-right Japanese nationalist who made into headlines for kicking a Statue of Peace - a statue memorializing Japanese military “comfort women” - that was recently enacted in Taiwan. Several days after the kicking incident, Nikkei Asian Review, a moderately conservative Japanese newspaper released a report that... Continue Reading →

Keep ‘Em Alive: Indigenous Languages

Intiq (Sun). Yacu (Water). Alili (Violet). Atsá (Eagle). Chimo (Greetings). Yabber (Talk).  Can you guess what all of these words have in common? All of these words are from indigenous languages: Quechua (Peru), Kichwa (Ecuador), Tagalog (Philippines). Dińe (Southwestern United States), Eskimo-Aleut (Greenland, Canada, Alaska), and Aboriginal (Australia), respectively. All of these indigenous languages and many... Continue Reading →

Immigrant Alert

Children are often the ones who are affected greatly by the policies aiming to punish their parents. In the case of immigrants crossing into the U.S illegally, they even face the risk of being separated from their parents due to the “zero-tolerance” immigration policy. Migrant families with undocumented status in the U.S. now have a... Continue Reading →

Let’s Mourn The Local Language

“...the children will not repeat the phrases their parents speak someone has persuaded them that it is better to say everything differently so that they can be admired somewhere farther and farther away…” ~W.B. Merwin (1988), Loss of Language It seems like more and more students around the world are attaining a university degree. What a great... Continue Reading →

A(r)tivism: statue as a form of activism

Last month, a right-wing Japanese official visiting Taiwan kicked a memorial statue of a ‘comfort woman’ in Taiwan, outraging the Taiwanese public who further demanded a hostage of the Japanese until he made a public apology. Why fuss about a kick at a bronze statue? After all, Mitsuhiko Fujii, the ultimate kicker and the representative... Continue Reading →

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