Is Art Bougie?: Accessibility in Arts Education

Arts education in the United States is in crisis. Given Trump Administration's budget proposal for 2019 to reduce the funding as a step toward closing the four major cultural agencies, including National Endowment for the Arts, the future for arts education in public schools looks dark. However, a wealth of evidence supports that drawing has a... Continue Reading →

Your Rights Will Guide You Home: A Reminder for Accessing Special Education Services for English Language Learners

Does being an English Language Learner (ELL) student disqualify you from receiving special education and related services? Your school would have told you so if you just turned 9 years old in Houston, Texas, naming Angel Vazquez. “I really feel bad because my son is growing up and time is going by. What’s going to... Continue Reading →

France’s Menace: Arabic

"...Is this about fighting Islamism or about bringing it into the National Education Ministry?" -Luc Ferry (Former conservative education minister) 'Allahu Akbar'. (God is [the] Greatest) What did you immediately think of after reading those two words? God? Terror? Threat? Peace? Community? Sadly, due to the influence of media, most people get suspicious and scram.... Continue Reading →

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