Teacher Resources

Here are a few online teacher resources to possibly use in the classrooms involving our topics. We have gathered some resources about language teaching, migration issues, and STEAM. Hope you enjoy!


Resources for Indigenous Languages:

Eskimo-Aleut Dictionary

Indigenous Language Teaching Materials 

Our Languages Resources 

Children’s youtube books

Sokopittan Nanewenee Hakanikku Nuante? (How Do Animals Move?)

Sun mother Wakes the World

How the Birds got Their Colors

The Frog that Caused a Flood 


Global Competence

Inclusive Teaching

Multicultural Education – Classroom Resources

Teacher Resources

Global Competence Resources

Inclusive Classroom

Multicultural Diversity Issues in Classroom

Advancing and Advocating for Social Justice & Equity


This is a site that houses creative math and science activities.
Crayola offers lesson plans, webinars on STEAM learning, and many other free teaching resources.

Special Education


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