Social Activism at Museums? social activism at museums.

On October 19, Tlatelolco University Cultural Center (CCUT) in Mexico City opened the permanent exposition of the 1968 Mexican student movement (Movimiento Estudiantil). The museum houses the digital archive of documents, photos, and interviews from the movement. Luis Vargas Santiago, a curator at CCUT, explained that the museum attempts to highlight the importance of social... Continue Reading →

Keep ‘Em Alive: Indigenous Languages

Intiq (Sun). Yacu (Water). Alili (Violet). Atsá (Eagle). Chimo (Greetings). Yabber (Talk).  Can you guess what all of these words have in common? All of these words are from indigenous languages: Quechua (Peru), Kichwa (Ecuador), Tagalog (Philippines). Dińe (Southwestern United States), Eskimo-Aleut (Greenland, Canada, Alaska), and Aboriginal (Australia), respectively. All of these indigenous languages and many... Continue Reading →

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