How do we tell the children? The conversation after yet another hate crime in America

Editor’s note/content warning: this blog contains content that may be triggering or harmful to some readers regarding mass shootings and hate crimes Less than 300 miles away from my everyday university routine, a massacre took place at the Tree Hill synagogue in Pittsburgh leaving 11 dead. That morning many of us woke up to the... Continue Reading →

Resisting for peace or peace as resistance? Two Filipina women changing the world

In a recent report, the Silsilah Dialogue Movement, a peace movement founded in 1984 by an Italian, Fr. Sebastiano D’Ambra, has been credited for “transforming” Sta. Cruz, a Muslim village on the Sta. Cruz Island in the Philippines. Fr. Sebastiano’s life and work was focused on creating peace and dialogue between Christians and Muslims for... Continue Reading →

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