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We are concerned with the current popular frameworks and pedagogies in classrooms that often fail to integrate diverse learners and teaching approaches. That is why we gathered together to create this blog. We believe that inclusive education is an integral approach to this problem. Inclusive education involves the idea of human rights and equal civil rights, concerning accessibility of race, class, and gender, conscious education.

In this blog, we define inclusive education as one that strives to represent diverse learners as well as various philosophies and pedagogies in learning environments. We will focus on the periphery – the issues of access to education which are important topics but not given much thought to. 

Through our discussions,  we hope to raise awareness about peace, language, migration, technology and arts in education. The extent to which these topics intersect will be further explored.

Our goals for this blog are to:

  • provide a space where issues of inclusive education are discussed, debated, and analyzed
  • highlight issues in teaching and learning around the world
  • connect theory and analysis to contemporary issues
  • engage in conversation with the global audience from different educational backgrounds

We hope you enjoy our content!



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