The role of women in peace: perspectives from Mali and Syria

Mali The Mali mission has been named “the deadliest active peacekeeping deployment in the world” (O’Mahony, 2018). In the city of Gao in Mali, recent United Nations (UN) peacekeeping efforts have been ongoing since 2013. The UN would like to recruit more women as peacekeepers, but there are some challenges. US Air Force captain and... Continue Reading →

I Might Just Have to Break Your Heart Of It All

Ask a professor in Biomedical field how hard it is to get one research project funded by NIH R01. Dr. Piero Anversa has led 110 of them. Dr. Anversa, a huge figure in cardiac stem cell research, found his pathway to over millions funding by the discovery of c-kit cells-adult stem cells that can regenerate... Continue Reading →

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