The role of women in peace: perspectives from Mali and Syria

Mali The Mali mission has been named “the deadliest active peacekeeping deployment in the world” (O’Mahony, 2018). In the city of Gao in Mali, recent United Nations (UN) peacekeeping efforts have been ongoing since 2013. The UN would like to recruit more women as peacekeepers, but there are some challenges. US Air Force captain and... Continue Reading →


To Spend, or Not To Spend

Remember little Angel from Texas who was denied service to special education from my first post? Justice finally came. Last Thursday, a federal court has ruled that the Texas Education Agency (TEA) owes the federal government $33.3 million for reducing its spending on special education in the 2011-2012 school year. How did this happen in... Continue Reading →

Costume Controversy

  Image Courtesy of cbsnews “Make America Great Again.” One might see this slogan almost everywhere around the U.S., but nobody could imagine seeing it as a part of Halloween. The Idaho school district Facebook photos of middle school teachers became a part of a huge debate because some teachers were wearing sombreros, ponchos and dark... Continue Reading →

Artivism Continues.

In my last blog, I wrote about Fujii, a far-right Japanese nationalist who made into headlines for kicking a Statue of Peace - a statue memorializing Japanese military “comfort women” - that was recently enacted in Taiwan. Several days after the kicking incident, Nikkei Asian Review, a moderately conservative Japanese newspaper released a report that... Continue Reading →

Keep ‘Em Alive: Indigenous Languages

Intiq (Sun). Yacu (Water). Alili (Violet). Atsá (Eagle). Chimo (Greetings). Yabber (Talk).  Can you guess what all of these words have in common? All of these words are from indigenous languages: Quechua (Peru), Kichwa (Ecuador), Tagalog (Philippines). Dińe (Southwestern United States), Eskimo-Aleut (Greenland, Canada, Alaska), and Aboriginal (Australia), respectively. All of these indigenous languages and many... Continue Reading →

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