Keep ‘Em Alive: Indigenous Languages

Intiq (Sun). Yacu (Water). Alili (Violet). Atsá (Eagle). Chimo (Greetings). Yabber (Talk).  Can you guess what all of these words have in common? All of these words are from indigenous languages: Quechua (Peru), Kichwa (Ecuador), Tagalog (Philippines). Dińe (Southwestern United States), Eskimo-Aleut (Greenland, Canada, Alaska), and Aboriginal (Australia), respectively. All of these indigenous languages and many... Continue Reading →

Action not apologies: the long lasting legacy of residential schools in Canada

  Nearly within the same week, news of a problematic exam question, the hashtag #EveryChildMatters and photographs of Canadians in orange shirts surfaced the internet. First, a student at St. Paul Alternative Education Centre complained when they saw a question on an online Grade 11 social studies exam probing, “What were the positive effects of... Continue Reading →

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